Sunday, May 2, 2010


For our Autobio project, we were required to make a video or powerpoint, showcasing our work as artists from when we were younger, up until now. We were encouraged to include our inspirations as well. My video shows work from my preschool years to present day, and includes my old art teachers from high school as my inspirations. All images are set to the music of City in Colour's "Body in a Box."

Map assignment

We were assigned an extra final project for our class, in which we had to choose between creating a map, or re-working a directional sign. For my project i chose to create the map. I struggled with what to do for my map, but became inspired by my hunger and decided to create a map of all the places my friends and i frequently eat at in my town. For the background of my map, i chose take out menus from my household and scanned them into my computer. I then drew out my map in a piece of paper for a reference, and replicated it onto my menu background using a marker tool. I used the text tool to make the names of the eating establishments, so they would be clear and easy to read.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Feel of the City final

For this assignment, we were required to take the images of the city we collected throughout the semester, and use our photoshop skills to combine them into an interesting piece that demonstrated the look and feel of city life. For my project, i chose an image of South Street i took, and combined it with the texture of a found object stuffed animal, and an image of the gates of the magic garden, also located on south street. I then took a "sandwiches" sign and places it with the flow of the street. I played with the exposure and the levels to create different contrasts.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Feel of the far.

This week our assignment was to begin the "Feel of the City project." I took some of my favorite shots of the city and began just to play with he lighting and the textures of all the different pictures i took. For now, i came up with this, but im not sure if it's what im going to stick with yet.

Still Motion Video

This week our assignment was to create a "bad music video." I decided to use stop motion for mine, because it was something i had never done before,
and i was interested in doing something new. i took pictures, starting at my dorm room, and then of me walking through the buidling, and all the way to
another dorm building on campus, where the J&H cafeteria is located. I then took pictures of me walking to a table full of my friends, us sitting at the table,
and then some of us getting up to get ice cream. The video concludes with me eating the ice cream, and shots of the empty bowl.
I put the movie to the song "Myriad Harbor" by The New Pornographers.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lynda Barry Lecture

The Lynda Barry lecture was the best lecture i have attended throughout the year. Lynda had a way of captivating everyone, and had you hanging on every word she was saying. Her humorous stories were both entertaining and helpful in getting across her point. I enjoyed everything she had to say. It was interesting to hear about image, and how we are affected by it or how we use it, because in some ways, there is more to it than we think about or discuss on a normal basis. Connecting play to work, childhood to adult hood, and how we are affected both by our childhood and our play, was also a very interesting topic she touched upon.
The slides she presented to us were very impressive to me as well. The pages were all completely full, and there was so much to look at, but they never came across as too busy, gaudy, or too much. Each word and image on the page served a purpose, whether to the reader, or only to Lynda, and it was interesting to see the way she worked and developed her finished product on the actual page.
It was fun and interesting to meet and get to know Lynda, just by listening to her speak, and also to be let inside her life and her world as much as she let us.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

5 image assignment

For this homework assignment, we had the same objective as lat time, but were required to use our own images. I used a picture of a monster sculpture i took while in New Jersey over winter break, as well as multiple pictures of myself looking strange and awkward. I placed myself around the monster, making it look as though i were victim to its hunger attacks. To do this, i used the lasso, levels, hue/saturation, and brightness/contrast tools. I also fixed up the image of the monster using lasso, eraser, and blur tools.